Elder Abuse and How to Spot It

Elder abuse is a growing problem, and as more people are getting ready to enter into the elder portion of their lives, this is a subject we should all become more familiar with. SO WHAT IS ELDER ABUSE? Most people, when they hear the term elder abuse, think of it as physical abuse

Making a Home Safe for Seniors

Aging is a part of life for all of us, and learning how to make your home a safe place for seniors is important not only for ourselves, but also for our senior family members and friends. So how do you go about making your home suitable for aging in place?

Senior Citizens in the Digital World – Part 1

This time of year is the busiest in the cyber world with increased email, voice/video conferencing, and of course shopping. This is also the busiest time for cyber thieves who tend to target senior citizens more, as they perceive them to be easier targets. Keeping that in mind,