karpoff affiliates sponsors greek jewish festival

Karpoff Affiliates proud sponsor of Greek Jewish Festival

how to identify signs of elder abuse

How to Identify the Signs of Elder Abuse

Elder abuse is a growing problem, and as more people are getting ready to enter into the elder portion of their lives, this is a subject we should all become more familiar with. The first step in stopping elder abuse is to learn how to spot it. SO WHAT IS ELDER ABUSE? Most people, when…Read More→

seniors citizens in a digital world part 1

Senior Citizens in a Digital World – Part 1

This time of year is the busiest in the cyber world with increased email, voice/video conferencing, and of course shopping. This is also the busiest time for cyber thieves who tend to target senior citizens more, as they perceive them to be easier targets. Keeping that in mind, in this series of posts we are…Read More→

How To Make A Home A Safe Place for Seniors

Aging is a part of life for all of us, and learning how to make your home a safe place for seniors is important not only for ourselves, but also for our senior family members and friends. So how do you go about making your home suitable for aging in place? Let’s start with bathrooms.

The Drug Abuse Epidemic Concerning Seniors

The elderly may be the last population you’d imagine would have issues with drugs and alcohol. Think again. New data shows the number of seniors with drug problems are on the rise. But the causes are complex and the solutions aren’t easy. Get educated about the scale and nature of senior drug abuse and misuse,…Read More→

A Guide to Downsizing for Seniors and Their Loved Ones

There are all kinds of benefits to downsizing in your golden years — lower energy bills, a smaller space to clean and maintain, and the potential of moving closer to loved ones are just a few. It’s a wonderful way to open the door to the next stage of your life. Even so, downsizing can…Read More→