Aging In Place

Keeping Seniors in Their Own Home

Many seniors wish to spend the rest of their life where they currently live, it is the place where they raised their family, made memories and experienced life with friends and loved ones, this is called Aging in Place..

If someone you know is considering aging in place, we can help enable them to continue living where they have lived for so many years. One of our specialties is residential remodeling and home modifications to fit one’s changing lifestyle needs.

Keeping a senior in their home is very involved

We created an Aging in Place Resource Team to assist if they need more individualized care or a smaller space. Senior transitions to a smaller home, assisted living facility, or long-term care can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Every day, older clients struggle to move away from the coziness of the home they love. Adult children, baby boomers, struggle to help while coping with the demands of their professional lives, their interests and their other responsibilities. Part of the sandwich generation, they are also caring for their own children as well as their parents. Taking the time to divest yourself of a home is not only time consuming, it can be emotionally exhausting.

Safe living is a priority as is both proper organization of household goods and de-cluttering of items in the home are essential for them living in their home safely, independently and comfortably.

How Karpoff Affiliates Can Help

We help families assess living situations and mediate between caregivers and their loved ones all the while offering emotional support for everyone involved. We will develop a custom plan for your home or your loved one. We can also renovate your home so that you can have greater safety, mobility and access opportunities.

Our Aging In Place Resource team includes certified and licensed:

  • general contractors
  • movers
  • designers
  • architects
  • mortgage brokers
  • eldercare and healthcare professionals

We also work with antique dealers, consignment shops and e-bay specialists.

We can help relieve the stress of senior transition by working with families and friends as they go through this process. Over the years, Karpoff Affiliates signature service Moving On NYC, has earned a reputation for personalized service and a deep commitment to our clients’ well-being.

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