Senior Services Testimonials

Excellent information on your website. Don’t let anyone say you just do real estate! You are one stop shopping for seniors! It was wonderful meeting you and for anyone reading my post, Marilyn Karpoff is fantastic and anyone should feel comfortable trusting her with their closest loved one.

“Marilyn found a buyer for my mother’s Manhattan apartment after a famous and well-respected broker did not extend much effort to sell it. Throughout the process, Marilyn was sensitive to my needs and to the expectations of potential buyers. She sought and showed until she found not just one but three suitable prospects. She is hard-working, energetic and very supportive. If and when I decide to sell my property – even though it is out of Manhattan, which Marilyn knows so well – I would not hesitate to ask her to represent me again.”

“I have worked with a lot of professionals in many walks of life, and I have to say that Marilyn Karpoff is in a class of her own. She not only handled everything I asked her to do with professionalism, intelligence, energy, and thoroughness, but she actually brought issues to my attention that I never would have thought of but had to be addressed. This was a demanding job, but she was always a joy to work with and even turned a stressful situation into one that was fun at times. She’s a pro and on top of that, a kind and sensitive person. I can’t say enough good things about her. If any future Hallmark residents or their families would like to hear firsthand about my experience with Marilyn, please feel free to have them contact me.”

Marilyn Karpoff went way above and beyond what I had ever expected from a real estate broker. I was thrust in a difficult situation, having to sell several NY properties while I lived in another state. Not only did she get me an excellent price for the properties, she handled all the little..and big..things –such as arranging for the donation or sale of the contents of the properties, or tracking down necessary paperwork — that would have overwhelmed me, if I had to do it alone and from a thousand miles away. Broker, legal adviser, negotiator, therapist and ultimately, friend, Ms. Karpoff handled everything efficiently, was always available to answer questions, kept me sane, and most importantly, I could trust her to look out for my best interest every step of the way.”

“My sister was planning on moving out of an assisted living facility into her own New York City apartment.  We called Marilyn Karpoff as we were in a very time sensitive situation. I also needed to move a tremendous amount of furniture and personal belongings out of her apartment as quickly as possible in order to avoid paying additional monthly expenses. We engaged Marilyn to find her an apartment as well as doing the whole move. Unfortunately, my sister became very ill and was hospitalized. As a result, she wasn’t available to provide any input on how to pack her things or find an apartment. During the time my sister was hospitalized, Marilyn helped me in very kind, generous and compassionate ways. Marilyn helped me sort and pack everything; she provided the utmost professional moving experience I have ever used! I have moved often in 3 states, and have had extensive experience with movers but I was truly impressed with her honesty and support as well as her attention to detail. For example, she gave me a very detailed inventory of all of my sister’s items.

Sadly, my sister fell into a coma and ultimately passed away. Marilyn arranged for storage of the items I chose to keep. She made all the arrangements for movers and storage, while personally supervising the process. She provided me with all the receipts and documentation that I ultimately needed for my sister’s estate. Both the professional services and her compassion made all the difference at such a difficult time.

Marilyn was a life saver in a situation that was extremely difficult. Marilyn gives the highest degree of effort in all she does. Moving On NYC provided the best move I have ever experienced! Additionally, I could not have accomplished this without her being there to support me. I would recommend Moving On NYC wholeheartedly to anyone in need of her transition services.”

“I grew up in an East River Housing Coop. on the Lower East Side, where my parents were the original owners. After my parents passed away, my brother took up permanent residency there.  During the over 50 years of his occupancy, my brother, who was a “collector” added to my parents’ already extensive collection of stuff, objects and things.

Last year, my brother passed away unexpectedly and I became the executor of his estate. Because I live out of town, I had not been in the apartment for many years. I was shocked and overwhelmed by the amount of items that had been accumulated. The idea of organizing and properly disposing of the contents was beyond what I was capable of managing.

While reading a recent “LoDown” magazine, Marilyn Karpoff’s advertisement caught my attention. The services she described as a “senior transition specialist” seemed to be exactly what I needed. After speaking with Marilyn and learning more details, I arranged to use her Moving On NYC company’s services.

For three weeks, Marilyn and her team of 3 others spent over 8 hours a day carefully organizing, disposing, sorting, preparing for donation and salvaging some nostalgic items. During the entire process, Marilyn kept me informed of the progress on a regular basis. Marilyn made it easy to address the wide variety of issues that emerged and helped me make the most effective decisions. She handled all of the coordination needed regarding certain specialized services that were necessary to update the apartment, including plumbers and handy men. She coordinated with the estate attorney as well as the building management. Marilyn is reliable, honest, trustworthy, hardworking, and efficient. I do not know how I could have gotten this far without her extraordinary experience, expertise, and services.

I look forward to continuing my relationship with Marilyn as we make additional changes and decisions relating to the apartment. Thank you so much Marilyn, for your amazing support during this challenging time for myself and my family!!”

“I had been through a rough period in trying to prepare my mother’s apartment for sale when Marilyn came into my life. Because she had a 91-year-old mother and she has so much real estate experience, Marilyn simply understood what I was going through and what needed to be done. Being from the Lower East side, she knew the people I knew and she referred me to all the right people.

Another thing about Marilyn is that she matches people very well. She told me which maintenance men to hire. I had some legal issues and Marilyn referred me to a great real estate lawyer. Marilyn she knows how to deal with people in crisis. She laughed me through a lot of very emotional times. I had a very rocky road and with Marilyn I felt an inherent trust. It was a very emotional and heart wrenching experience for me and Marilyn got me through that with empathy and laughter.”

“My wife died and I decided to move to a retirement community near my son in Washington. So I needed to sell my 2-bedroom apartment and was referred to Marilyn Karpoff.  Marilyn and I connected immediately and I gave her the job. She was absolutely magnificent. She did more than sell the apartment. She was a friend and offered support when I needed it. The apartment sold quickly but the legalities took a while.

Unable to handle emptying out the apartment, Marilyn helped me through the emotional loss. With emotional hand holding, Marilyn listened to the sentimental stories I shared as we went through the memorabilia. Items were sorted and donated to charity, sold, or handed off to relatives according to my wishes.

With Marilyn’s loving touch, Tony was able to get through the emotional experience of selling the apartment and is now in a retirement community.”

“When my mother needed to move out of her apartment that she and my father had lived in for fifty years, I was SO overwhelmed. I wanted to make sure she was happy in her “new” home. (She has moved in with me.). Figuring out how to clear out her apartment was nigh impossible, never mind getting it ready for sale. I simply didn’t have the time. Marilyn’s team helped during an extremely stressful time in my family’s life. They found family photos and mementos that I thought were long gone. They sorted and organized, and kept me in the loop the whole time. . . . I don’t know what I would have done without Moving On NYC.”

“I got an incredible — and completely unexpected — job offer in London last year. The only catch was that I had to start immediately. I had to pack my bags and go. I reached out to Moving On NYC for help. I called Moving On NYC and Marilyn stepped in to handle everything. And I mean everything. She organized what should be sent overseas, what should be sold, and gave my “gently used” things to my favorite charity. Best of all, she staged my Soho loft (frankly, it had never looked better), and got an offer even higher than I’d dare hope.”

“My family and I have known Marilyn Karpoff and her family for decades. Marilyn’s mother and my mother were neighbors and friends for 60 years. Two years ago, when my mother’s health declined, she moved to Dallas, TX to be with family. Mother had always told me that when the time came, Marilyn was to be retained to sell her apartment in NYC.

Marilyn expertly accomplished this in a timely manner and at a fair price.

Because no family remained in NY, Marilyn was instrumental and invaluable in handling interface with the buyer and the lawyers. Importantly, because the apartment needed to be cleaned out, Marilyn managed donations of furniture and household items to charities.

I can unequivocally state that Marilyn made a difficult situation manageable and her efforts were much appreciated by me and my family.”

“I can’t recommend Moving On NYC highly enough. When my father passed away, I was so grief-stricken I couldn’t manage more than the services. I simply couldn’t face sorting through his belongings. My siblings were eager to sell his apartment, but they had moved away. I fell to pieces whenever I imagined what needed to be done. Finally, I called Marilyn at Moving On NYC. She showed such compassion for my siblings and me. She had an uncanny knack for multi-tasking. Her team lovingly went through his things.”

“Marty and his wife lived in Manhattan for over 40 years. They loved the city. When they hit 80, however, they decided they wanted to be closer to their son and grandchildren in Seattle. “A grand adventure” was how they described the move to friends. They hired me as the real estate agent to sell their beautiful apartment in the Village on 8th Street.

Suddenly, Marty’s wife became ill, and in a matter of days, was gone. Marty was devastated. My heart went out to him. He decided to go ahead with the move to Seattle, and his son had already found him a fabulous assisted living facility. But, like many recent widowers, Marty needed help. And his son was all the way across the country and couldn’t take the time off to come pack up his Dad. When he called to ask for my help with the moving process, Moving On NYC was ready.

I took my team to visit Marty’s beautiful Village apartment. Everywhere you looked, there were incredible things: Tiffany lamps, fine furniture, an antique pillbox collection, artwork and oriental rugs. Marty and his wife had clearly lived a rich and fulfilling life…and there were a lot of things to go through. What did he want to keep? What to discard and what to donate?

We rolled up our sleeves, and got to work. Marty was moving into a spacious facility, so he was bringing many possessions with him. Some of these items were fragile and valuable and needed special packing. The last thing Marty needed was to open a package and find broken porcelain. His heart was broken enough. Paperwork had to be gone through; important documents stored and everything else was shredded. Marty’s wife had taken care of all their travel details, so Marty hadn’t realized his passport had expired. We helped him renew it, using an expediter.

One final complication was Marty’s elderly cat. Marty was terribly worried about how his beloved cat was going to get to Seattle. I love animals, and firmly believe Gandhi was right when he said, “You can tell a person’s character by how well they treat animals.” We found the best cat-transport box available, so Marty could rest easy, knowing that both he and his cat would arrive safely in Seattle.

Now we were ready to sell the apartment. As you can see from the photos, it was in pristine condition, and showed beautifully. I scheduled an Open House and stationed my real estate agents in every room (there was still a lot of beautiful things in that apartment and nothing was going to “disappear” under my watch!) The Open House was huge success and we had a full price offer after the first weekend.  Marty accepted the offer, deciding he didn’t want to deal with a bidding war situation.

Marty is now happily installed in Seattle, and we are selling off any valuable items he decided not to take, and donating the others to a charity Marty chose. The apartment will be delivered clean and empty to the new buyers is just a few weeks. It gives me true satisfaction to know I was able to help Marty (and his family) get through one of life’s most devastating transitions — losing your spouse of 40 years! As Marty’s son told me, “If my mother couldn’t be there, you were the next best thing.”

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