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Interested in Aging in Place? Are you looking to retire? Have you suffered the loss of a loved one and have to handle their estate? Do you or a loved one need special care as time goes on, whether it be in your/their current home, or perhaps a move to a new residence is needed?

At Karpoff Affiliates we know what a hard and stressful time this can be. That’s why we have developed our signature service MovingOnNYC. This specialized service was created to ease the transition involved in a process like this. Our team of experienced and certified NASMM Senior Move Managers and Aging in Place specialists, will work with you to develop a customized plan tailored for you.

Our individualized services include:

  • Providing emotional and physical support to reduce stress if you are planning to move, emptying your residence, or selling your apartment
  • Helping to sort and decide what to keep, sell, donate, etc. (consignment /eBay specialists)
  • Professional packing, moving, unpacking, and help settling into your new home
  • Work with one person, start to finish, who’s flexible and accommodating to your specific needs
  • ASK US to sell your home, and help you move to get a reduced price!

MovingOnNYC provides practical and compassionate relocation & transition planning.

Who Benefits From MovingOnNYC?

  • Seniors, individuals, aging parents who are moving, downsizing or relocating
  • If you’ve suffered a loss or find yourself with a limited support system
  • Eldercare / estate lawyers, social workers, caregivers / health professionals involved in transitioning their clients
  • Adult children, family, friends, or estate guardians who are emptying a residence

How can we help?

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Aging In Place

You may want to stay in their own home, however some changes may need to be made. This is where our other service comes in, Aging In Place. We can do everything to prepare your home for the next stage in your life. Let one of our senior move managers help you with this process.

If someone you know is considering aging in place, we can help enable them to continue living in their own home. One of our specialties is residential remodeling to fit changing lifestyle needs.

Keeping a senior in their home can be hard

We created an Aging in Place Resource Team to assist if they need more individualized care or a smaller space. Senior transitions to a smaller home, assisted living facility, or long-term care can be overwhelming. Every day, older clients struggle to move away from the coziness of the home they love. Adult children struggle to help their parents while also dealing with their own professional and personal lives. Taking the time to divest yourself of a home is not only time consuming, can be exhausting.

Safe living is a priority. Proper organization and decluttering are important to create a safe, comfortable, and independent home for seniors.

We help families assess living situations and work caregivers and their loved ones, while offering emotional support for everyone involved. Karpoff Affiliates will develop a custom plan for your home or your loved one. We can also renovate your home so that you can have greater safety, mobility and protection.

Our Aging In Place Resource team includes certified and licensed:

  • general contractors
  • movers
  • designers
  • architects
  • mortgage brokers
  • eldercare and healthcare professionals

We also work with antique dealers, consignment shops and e-bay specialists.

We can help relieve the stress of senior transition by working with families and friends as they go through this process. Over the years, Karpoff Affiliates signature service Moving On NYC, has earned a reputation for personalized service and a deep commitment to our clients’ well-being.

Senior Move Manager

Need to relocate, downsize, or transition into an assisted living community? We can help as licensed and certified NASMM senior move managers. What makes us unique among senior move managers is the fact that we are fully licensed real estate brokers as well as speech pathologists.

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